Supporting progress … delivering value

The technology explosion over the past 40-plus years has been nothing short of astounding. This growth is particularly apparent in the semiconductor industry. Here, the mantra “smaller, faster, cheaper” has led to constant product performance improvements at continually lower costs, and provided an industry model that others aspire to duplicate.

Throughout the electronics age, Filmtronics has helped fuel that growth with high-quality products, services, application support and development. Our work has helped enable the industry’s progress and supported the “smaller, faster, cheaper” mantra.

Filmtronics’ capabilities also extend beyond semiconductor materials: Industry sectors such as MEMS, photovoltaic, photonics, nanotechnology and biosensors have all benefited from our innovative product offerings and invaluable expertise.

Although our exceptional products and expertise deliver substantial benefits to our customers, we consider this only part of what we do to give them a competitive edge. Our advanced manufacturing systems ensure consistency, efficiency and flexibility. That product consistency gives customers the opportunity to focus on their most critical challenges and spend less time qualifying incoming stocks. Process efficiency permits rapid manufacturing cycle times and reduces overall product costs; allowing make-to-order production capabilities leading to delivery of products with best-in-class useable shelf life remaining. Filmtronics’ manufacturing systems also offer unsurpassed flexibility. Whether a one-liter or 1,000-liter order, standard or customized product, Filmtronics delivers quality and consistency.

An integral part of our manufacturing systems is an operational philosophy focused on quality and sustainability. These principles offer the framework for maintaining and enhancing Filmtronics’ leading position and assure our customers that a valued partner will continue to be available to deliver the high-quality solutions they have come to expect.

Filmtronics is setting new standards for excellence in advanced semiconductor materials. We invite you to learn more about our products, services and operations. Then, when you’re ready, contact us to discuss your needs and find a solution that’s right for you.