Filmtronics maintains a broad portfolio of products that help deliver high-performance solutions that precisely fit your needs. Those products are on three key platforms:

  • Diffusants: A wide array of high-purity products used to introduce impurity atoms into silicon, germanium, compound semiconductor and other substrates via a diffusion process. A few common devices manufactured using these products include planar transistors, field-effect devices, diodes, rectifiers, sensors and solar cells.
  • Spin-on Polymers: Including our spin-on glass (SOG) products, these Ultra High Purity (UHP) polymer solutions are used for creating thin films by spin, dip or spray coating processes. Used in semiconductor, photonic, MEMS, sensors and other device manufacturing, some typical applications for these materials include interlayer dielectrics (ILD), passivation, planarization, masking, sacrificial films, optical waveguides and anti-reflective films.
  • Ancillary Materials: Numerous and varied resources are used to support Filmtronics products and other manufacturing operations. Representative materials include UHP diluents, edge-bead removers, cleaning solutions, etchants and stripers.

Beyond our key material groupings, Filmtronics is constantly developing, testing and sampling new and modified products. If you don’t find a solution to your challenge on our website, contact us and we’ll help you find one.