An extensive selection of products to meet your unique application

Filmtronics offers an extensive selection of spin-on diffusant (SOD) formulations to suit the needs of a wide variety of applications. Spin-on diffusants provide an impurity source for semiconductor junction fabrication. Filmtronics spin-on diffusants permit precise control of dopant entering the silicon through application of a homogeneous solution to the substrate. 

Available SOD products include: N-type and P-type for silicon diffusion; lifetime modifiers; and diffusants for compound semiconductor materials. Key advantages of doping with spin-on materials are:

  • Uniform solutions manufactured with statistical process control and advanced analytical technology.
  • Convenient application of dopant with non-hygroscopic solutions.
  • Uniform and consistent doping with high yields.
  • Extended quartz tube life.
  • Simultaneous diffusion of ā€œPā€ and ā€œNā€ types and simultaneous diffusion of different concentrations of the same dopant.
  • No storage of source wafers or use of costly ion implant equipment.
  • Does not require use of toxic gases (e.g., POCl3, BBr3, etc.).

Doping agents are widely used in semiconductor, sensor, MEMS and other device manufacturing processes to precisely alter electrical or optical properties. The need for precise and specific property control has led to the need for numerous diffusant materials and methods. Manufactured with a focus on quality and more than 36 years of experience and development, Filmtronics offers a wide variety of SOD products. Use our properties table (at right), or contact us to discuss your specific needs.