Success where others falter

Far too often, a solution to a challenge or opportunity is limited to the availability and capabilities of "off-the-shelf" products. This less-than-optimal "solution" can, and often does, produce additional issues and problems of its own. How do you break this cycle? The answer is simple: solutions that precisely fit the issue or opportunity. This is where Filmtronics can help.

Filmtronics is much, much more than the global material supplier that you know and trust. We also offer a broad range of services and solutions that draw on our extensive industry knowledge, ingenuity, vision and dedication. Services and solutions always designed for you and your precise needs. Put our pioneering thinking to work on your toughest issues and see how our being here for you can make the difference!

Filmtronics has enjoyed tremendous success in past solution implementations for our customers. Some of the more common services and support employed in these past efforts include:

  • Process recipe development
  • Equipment specification, setup and qualification
  • Custom materials synthesis
  • Process qualification support
  • Materials analysis and analytical support
  • Custom product packaging and labeling

Of course these services and support are only a piece of the precise solutions developed. Contact us to find out more about how Filmtronics is here for you and discuss your most difficult challenges.