Filmtronics is committed, in everything we do, to practices and procedures to promote a culture of corporate sustainability. This means not only embracing “green” initiatives through environmental programs, but implementing health, safety and social initiatives, creating a culture of transparency and fostering employee development and motivation. Each year we develop a Corporate Sustainability Report that highlights many of these initiatives and programs.

As a manufacturer of advanced semiconductor materials, Filmtronics has a vested interest in the advancement of the electronics industry. As such, Filmtronics has adopted the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. We implemented compliance with the code in 2011 and our programs and procedures related to RBA have been adapting and improving ever since. Filmtronics is proud to be a part of the RBA and its commitment to excellence in the areas of the environment, ethics, health & safety, labor and management systems.

Our commitment to Environmental Sustainability can be seen in our ISO 14001 certification. Filmtronics has maintained the ISO 14000 series certification since 2005. The regulatory landscape, in terms of the environment, is constantly changing and our certified environmental management system ensures that our facility is compliant. Our dedicated employees are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental initiatives and the reduction of our impact on the environment.